7 Ways to Grow eCommerce Business In 2022

You need to market to grow an eCommerce business and attract more customers. There are a lot of opportunities out there for any business that wants to grow but you also have more competition. You can take care of your business needs with a variety of processes, but some are more suited to your specific needs.

7 Ways to Grow eCommerce Business In 2022
  • Leverage the Advantage of social media
  • Try Google Shopping
  • Grow Email List
  • Sell World-Wide
  • Provide Great Customer Support Service
  • Blog Article Writing and Sharing
  • Omnichannel Marketing
1) Leverage the Advantage of social media

Just like on your blog and newsletter, social media is a fantastic eCommerce tool that can bring you more online followers and help you present the items in your store to them. You need to have a business profile on Facebook and Instagram so you can promote your product by getting likes and shares.

You should offer genuine, helpful information alongside your product or service. This can be better than just posting offers and product information because it can help to grow brand awareness and connection. To promote your blog, post consistently to make it easier for people to learn about your content. Mix in some sales posts, product promos, and educational posts.

2) Try Google Shopping

Free advertising opportunities are becoming more and more accessible, with Google Shopping offering free ads to merchants after a period when its paid-for service was the only option available. Google Shopping ads show up when customers search for a product on Google. You only pay for each time someone clicks on your Google Shopping ad.

Create a product feed to set up Google Shopping ads and connect your store to the Google Merchant Center account. If you use Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, or Woo Commerce, there is an app that will help you with this process.

3) Grow Email List

If you don’t have a sign-up form on your web page after order completion, you are overlooking a huge piece of connectivity with many new customers. The more prospects you can build relationships with, you will enjoy more sales. It is important to first grow your list through email marketing.

Place a sign-up form on your website as well as the thank you page in exchange for a transactional reward. People enter their email addresses and start receiving discounts from your store. To stay in contact with your customers, you should send out a monthly newsletter. You can also offer exclusive discounts, early-bird deals, and freebies in your newsletter.

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4) Sell World-Wide

What you need to know about international expansion for your eCommerce business. By targeting different regions, you can increase the size of your eCommerce business. Cross-border eCommerce is on the rise. With better internet access and a global marketplace, buyers across the globe will have better access to more businesses, including yours.

When you are expanding to new markets, there can be challenges in product listings and marketing. When possible, you should offer your product in the language of your new target market to create a higher conversion rate. You can use a translator plugin separately or through your eCommerce platform to do translations in different languages. If you don’t have the proper plugins, get translations done by professionals and ensure that your payment processor is capable of accepting payments in a specific country’s currency.

5) Provide Great Customer Support Service

Providing excellent eCommerce customer service and having a readily accessible way for them to contact you will make consumers more likely to buy from you. Online chatbots that are automated with customer service software can get your customers what they need quickly to stay satisfied and make more sales. Chatbots have been proven to increase conversion rates.

Building a chatbot can be done from scratch and requires time, but there are some free chatbots to consider and others you can purchase and customize. If you’re an eCommerce Business, you might consider having a centralized dashboard to consolidate all of your customer messages.

6) Blog Article Writing and Sharing

A lot of people think that content creation takes too long for it to be worth the effort. However, incremental content has a large aggregate effect and can significantly increase your business over time. If you want to increase your organic SEO, you need to publish relevant and engaging content regularly. This will give your eCommerce business visibility online.

Send weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters to your newsletter subscribers. The newsletters can be educational and have helpful tips, to remind your prospects of you and make them trust you. Create weekly blog posts and monthly newsletters. If you have trouble writing the content yourself, you can hire someone who specializes in content creation.

7) Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel is the approach that allows businesses to leverage all channels for a successful customer experience. Whether your customer shops with a mobile device or a laptop or tablet your marketing efforts come together to provide an excellent customer service experience. Your customer might browse your website on their laptop, and decide to buy the product, but not make the transaction. Later they return to your website on a mobile device and complete their purchase at that time.

Instead of starting the shopping process again, with omnichannel marketing, you can ensure that your customer can continue without cutting off their progress. Correct customer behavior leads to more conversions with omnichannel marketing. The process is seamless, without needing the customer to repeat tasks. Customers can have different “touchpoints” with your company. Gather data as to their path to purchase, then develop on-point marketing processes.


To make sure that your business is always growing, you must find new ways to grow as an eCommerce owner. The most important thing for your business is to understand what your customers want, and how all available AI technologies can impact the experience for your customer. You need to experiment with these advanced technologies so that when 2022 comes around, you’ll be prepared for any changes in eCommerce trends.

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